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Why You Should Put Pen To Paper

Need a reason to start or revive your letter writing habit? There are many reasons below! People have discovered that letter writing benefits both the sender and receiver.

Snail Mail During the Time of COVID-19

Social distancing protocols during the pandemic have caused people to feel very isolated. People have returned to the art of letter writing to reconnect with people, let far away or long ago friends that they are being thought of, and thank people who are working hard to make sure we make it through the these times.

Letter-writing: Connection in disconnected times
Rosie Blunt of BBC News explores how the pandemic has made people get creative about how we keep in touch and has prompted a return to a more traditional medium: letters. (20 May 2020)

Becoming Pen Pals With My Best Friends During Quarantine
University of Arizona student Eve Halvax discovers that sending letters through the mail provides a more physical connection than messages over digital platforms. (2 July 2020)

Pen Pals Share the Joy of Letter Writing
Joy Frank-Collins writes about how people are connecting across the country during the pandemic including her own pandemic pen pal. (8 July 2020)

Letter writing’s becoming quite the thing during the Covid-19 pandemic
Clara Chow describes the Isolation Journal project and how letter writing is having a moment during the pandemic. She likens each letter as an invitation – to think of how our social structures work, who controls these systems, and how we can make them better. (6 July 2020)

Joy in Writing Letters During Lockdown
Lisa Walden discovers that letter writing has helped her mentally navigate through these uncertain times — and helped to ease the numbness lockdown has brought. Besides giving us something to do at home, creative writing can help to relieve anxiety, stress and boost our mood. (18 April 2020)

Writing Letters is a Genuine Way to Ease Lockdown Loneliness
The UK’s Minister for Civil Society, states that the simple art of letter writing is a beautiful way to connect with friends and family who are vulnerable during these challenging times. Whether it’s a grandparent or a friend, something as simple as a hand-written letter can bring great joy to those who are feeling lonely. (16 June 2020)

Snail Mail is getting people through this time
Letter writing has helped people meaningfully connect during this period of isolation, grief and unrest. Tove Danovich catches up with letter writers – newbies and lifelong, young and old, to find out why they are writing. Perhaps to keep in touch, fight isolation, express political views or expressing and sharing grief. They have discovered the value of the postal service and having something tangible to remember this time. (24 June 2020)

Learn What Amazing Things Can Happen When You Write Letters
Nancy Olson has stepped up her letter writing as a way to stay connected. Find out the benefits from her increased outgoing mail. (20 June 2020)

Too much Zoom? Take time to revisit the slow art of letter writing
In spite of our many technological innovations, the craft of letter writing still hasn’t gone the way of messenger pigeons or Morse code, but has only gained traction in recent years, as cultural trends such as letter writing socials and mail art have taken off.

We Could All Use A Little Snail Mail Right Now
This article by Susan Shain in the New York Times explains why handwritten notes and cards may carry more weight with their recipients than their electronic counterparts, and in addition, the research shows they make us feel good, too. (2018-10-18)

9 Reasons Not To Abandon The Art Of The Handwritten Letter
These days, text messages and emails are so convenient. However, Alena Hall provides some reasons not to give up this long-standing, cultural practice of pick up a pen and paper to communicate with one another.

The Hurdles to Good Correspondence
Sara McNally, Snail Mail Superstar, guest article on Pretty by Post on overcoming the mental blocks preventing you from putting pen to paper.

Look Out, Email. Handwritten Letters Are Making a Comeback
Susan Abram learns about the resurgence of letter writing and formation of clubs – both real life meetups and virtual communities.

Handwritten letters spark ‘element of joy’ in digital age
Getting involved in Letter Writing Month (April) and the weight a handwritten letter – to be able to hold something tangible feels the weight of someone’s effort and regard for you.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing
Tiffany from the Imperfectly Happy Home provides reasons to bring back this “vintage skill” of handwriting letters.

What’s Better Than A Letter?
Paromita Vohra writes that when most of our communication is not only instantaneous, but also fragmented, often in public view, or to a public, letters, stripped of urgency, take us out of the everyday into a moment of rapt privacy with our selves. (14 June 2020)

Rediscovering the Power of Letters
CBC Radio’s Now or Never share stories of how letters mean so much more in this day of texting and emails.

The Art of Letter Writing
CBC Radio’s Blue Sky rediscovers the art of the letter and the power of letter writing.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing
CBC Radio The Sunday Edition’s Michael Enright laments about what we’ve lost because so few people put pen to paper to hand write letters. But there’s hope! He mentions his son signing up for the Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. (See below in the Community section.)

Return to Analog
Why pen and paper still matter in the digital age.

Putting Pen to Postcard
During National Letter Writing Week, the University of Windsor is encouraging students to take the time to put pen to paper – or in this case postcard.

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“I’ve always felt there is something sacred in a piece of paper that travels the earth
from hand to hand, head to head, heart to heart.”    
– Robert Michael Pyle

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