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While letter writing is a perfect past time for those who tend to be introverted, there is still something wonderful about knowing you are part of a community of letter writing lovers. Sometimes just knowing is enough. But sometimes it’s nice to meet others who are passionate about putting pen to paper, and share exciting stationery and stamp finds.

*Due to the pandemic, letter writing meetups are on hold for the time being. Check online with some of the clubs listed on the Directory of Letter Writing Societies below where many clubs have posted on Instagram about virtual letter writing meetups!

Regional Assembly of Text Letter Writing Club
Since 2005, letter writers have been gathering at the shop on Main Street in Vancouver. It takes place on the first Thursday of each month, and supplies are provided including the use of manual typewriters!

The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society
“A way to bring together people who love to write and receive handwritten letters, and to stop them from becoming a lost art…. And if the Society encourages just one person to write a letter to a friend or relative or someone famous, it will be a triumph!” Join and get your own member certificate and pin!

Directory of Letter Writing Societies
Not in Vancouver? Here is a list of other letter writing groups in Calgary and Toronto, as well as the US, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. If there is not one in your area, there are tips on how to start your own.

An Insider’s Look into the Arizona Correspondence Society
Founder Renee tells you how her love of mail inspired her to set up her own letter writing group, and all of the different aspects to consider including the challenges.

Host a Letter Writing Social
Barb, of Rite While U Can, offers up tips to host your own letter writing social.

Love Postcards? You may love Postcrossing!
It’s a project that allows you to send postcards and receive postcards back from random people around the world. That’s real postcards, not electronic! This program started in 2005,has over 790,000 members in 209 countries who have sent over 56 million postcards.

The Library of Letters
The Library of Letters is an analog project on a global scale.
Combining the community aspect of a library, the intimacy of letter writing, and the modern day connected world we make stories viral in the slowest way possible.
TLoL strives to promote empathy and a slower way of communicating through the lost of art of letter writing.

Why You Should Put Pen to PaperWhat To Write AboutMail ArtBooks

“There’s something permanently charming about getting an envelope in the mail.
It’s as if somebody gift wrapped their words for you.”

– Margaret Shepherd

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