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Dear Reader,

Hi there! My name is Irene and I have been writing letters for most of my life. As a child, I wrote to cousins who lived overseas in Asia, as well as the wife of her mother’s former boss in England. During high school, I found penpals from many different countries around the world. Two pen pals were from Australia and Germany, and I eventually met them when they travelled to Canada during university years. I have been in touch with my German friend for over 30 years, although it recent years it has been a bit more online.

When I moved to Montreal for 6 years, I continued to write a few of the same people as well as letters home to family and friends which included a newsletter with a holiday greeting card. Then as with many people, life happened, and other than some birthday and holiday cards, snail mail fell off the track. Somewhere in a storage locker, there are boxes of hundreds of letters, cards, and a tracker.

In recent years, I discovered a community of letter writers on social media and was happy to join in the fun. I ooh and ahh over the gorgeous mail art, cute stationery items like rubber stamps and washi tape, and rediscovered fountain pens. It has been fun to participate in #MailMissions like Cards for the Troops and send Milestone Birthday Cards. I also discovered all sorts of mail challenges such as the Month of Letters Challenge (aka LetterMo) in February and Write_On in April, which challenges you to write a letter every day of the month. In 2020, I took on a greater role as a LetterMo Administrator for the website and Facebook page and groups which was definitely a challenge to write my own letters. I improved upon last year’s total of mail sent out in February and my goal for 2020 will be to surpass the 145 items I sent out in 2019.

With Burnaby Letter Writers Society, I hope to meet up with other Snail Mail lovers, and when we are able to gather again, meet up to revive social connections the old school way – handwritten (or typewritten!) letters.

Happy writing!


April 2020

Letters are among the most significant memorial a person can leave behind them.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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